Jan 01

Whoa, a blog post!

Yep, it’s the new year and in light of that, we decided to talk about something we’ve been considering in private for a while. We put a decent amount of work into the podcast but haven’t figured out a way to improve some of the technical aspects or give ourselves something back due to the fact that we are, in essence, running entirely out of our pockets. We’ve asked ourselves over and over how we might accomplish this – ads are kinda out for the time being (as we’re scared about having an impact on our content) and merchandise has some startup costs attached.

What’s been going around the game journalism community lately is talk of Patreon, which is a service like Kickstarter that basically lets people “chip in” for your work. Unlike Kickstarter, it’s an on-going donation that isn’t project-oriented, but let’s people consistently fund work that they enjoy and get special rewards and perks attached. in turn, content creators can use the money to support themselves and improve the work. It’s a great system for everyone involved.

We decided to give Patreon a try, just to see how it would work for us. Here is our Patreon account: Justice Points.

Now what this does is basically lets anyone who really likes us and wants to give us a little something on a monthly basis to help us keeping doing what we’re doing. That’s all. There’s nothing that not chipping in will leave you out of! You still get our regular weekly podcast, occasional Livestreams and episode transcription, all for free. This Patreon stuff just gives us a way to be able to put more work and more time into making the podcast better. Money helps us with things like paying for hosting, getting better recording equipment and working on groovy stuff in the future.

Anyways, we just wanted to let you guys know what was up and hope everyone has a great new year.

– Apple Cider Mage and Tzufit

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