Show Format Changes

Show Format Changes

Mar 17

It’s no secret that content creators can get stuck in a bit of a slump when World of Warcraft enters the homestretch before a new expansion.  In an effort to get ahead of that potential slump before it catches up to us, we have decided to make some changes to the format of our podcast.

One of the most important changes we wanted to make to the show was to carve out a space where we can have timely discussions about current news.  Because our format up to this point has largely been themed shows, we typically had to wait to either fit an older news item into an upcoming theme, or specifically choose a theme in response to a news item.  Having a space to discuss current news will become particularly important after the beta for Warlords of Draenor is released and we have some new content to discuss.

 Now, don’t worry.  Justice Points is not becoming a World of Warcraft news podcast.  There are plenty of news podcasts out there that do a better job than we ever could of disseminating the finer points of Blizzard press releases and patch notes.  Instead, we will cover some of the conversations between the developers and the community, or within the community itself that unfold over Twitter, Tumblr, and other outlets throughout the week.  There are many important conversations about feminist and social justice issues happening in the Warcraft community on a daily basis, and we want to make sure that you hear about them.

As you may have noticed, we both spend a lot of time on Twitter.  Even so, it won’t be possible for us to catch absolutely everything noteworthy that happens during the week.  So if you see a conversation or a news story that you want us to cover on Justice Points, let us know!  We are making this format change in part to ensure that our listeners can participate in ongoing conversations about feminism and social justice as they relate to WoW, and so it is important to us to know which conversations our listeners want to know more about.

This format change will also allow us to have more guests on the show to discuss the issues that are most important to them, rather than necessarily bringing a guest on to discuss a very specific and potentially narrow topic.  We are hopeful that this will give us a chance to introduce our listeners to even more people within the WoW community who are invested in critical analysis and social justice.

Thanks as always to our listeners and our patrons for all of your continued support, and we hope that the discussed format changes will allow you to enjoy Justice Points even more.

– Apple Cider Mage and Tzufit

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  1. Ligerwolf

    I approve of these additions/changes to the show. 😀

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