Episode #44 – “With Respect, I Protest”

Episode #44 – “With Respect, I Protest”

May 13

Our forty-fourth episode features Tzufit and Apple Cider reviewing the World of Warcraft novel, War Crimes, by Christie Golden. We go into some of the book’s overall themes, critiques of characterization and what we’d suggest to other readers.

Note: We will be discussing open book spoilers as well as material of a sensitive nature relating to the plot.


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  1. @Ointx

    Semi-interesting cast on the book. I think the largest surprise for me on this interpretation of the story is that in no way did I come close to this point(s) of view. I won’t say this is wrong, as I think this is purely the desire of each individual reader in what they get out of it, and that is a huge benefit of getting to read something and visualize ourselves.
    For me, I never viewed this book at all as an ending for Garrosh (and that had nothing to do with the knowledge of the expansion). Garrosh was merely an anchor for all of us to experience the real stories (and the future setup stories…Anduin & Sylvannas). Forgiveness for me was never a part of it, nor did I feel like they implied forgiveness also meant Garrosh lived. It had all more to do with the Shas of Anger, Hatred, Violence, Fear.
    For Garrosh despite his regretting nothing, was simply continuing his fullness of Pride, hence, looping in the Sha of Pride.
    Taran Zu’s offering of a trail was to quell another fight from starting between Horde and Alliance in Garrosh’s throne room. After all, he did quell one such fight before that (Jaina/Lor’themar).
    I disagree that Anduin is dislikable, I think his developement is very strong and will continue to be great. He reminds me very much of a character that will develop and change similar to Robin becoming Nightwing.
    I would likely have enjoyed a little more back and forth from and ideal and motive point of view, but I do understand the podcasts bias and possible motives for critique. I wouldn’t at all knock that, it just would have I think opened discussion and bit more instead of feeling more one-sided.
    Final note, I am concerned a bit with the desire to try and relate to everything. I don’t believe I need to relate to a character in any way, I find more enjoyment in seeing a character develop and change over time. I don’t need to love anyone, nor hate, but hating a character is also a sign of good writing, in any case, I am involved with an opinion of a personality based off their actions, not based off whether or not I can relate to them. (sorry for that last paragraph, probably a massive run-on)

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