Important Announcement – “A New Chapter”

Important Announcement – “A New Chapter”

May 28


(Transcript of the audio below.)

We’re coming to you today with a quick update on the podcast. We’ve been thinking for a while about ways that we can discuss more topics and more games on our show. We’ve been really encouraged and happy to see how many women developers, journalists and gamers are a part of the larger video game community and we’ve been looking for ways that we can interact with that conversation. Since both of us are women who enjoy many different games, MMOs and otherwise, we felt that now would be a great time to open our podcast up to a wider feminist conversation within the video game community.

As such, we will maintain our current format of news and an interview. However, our news will cover any and all stories within gaming that pertain to our interests and focus. This means that we may discuss Warcraft one minute and WildStar the next, and we also plan to visit older games like Mass Effect and Gone Home. Our style of critique and analysis is flexible, meaning that we want to and will now be able to interact with a larger video game community that is already having some of these conversations on a regular basis.

So if that sounds like something you would love to listen to, stick with us as we start a new chapter in our podcasting adventure.

Thanks for listening and thanks for being so supportive.


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