Redefining Justice Points

Redefining Justice Points

Jul 14

When Tzufit and myself decided that we wanted to move the show away from just talking about World of Warcraft, we realized that we’d have to do an overhaul of our branding in order to separate ourselves from looking like we only talked about WoW. This was hard, as our name was pretty firmly entrenched, but was also our calling card. In order to get around changing our name and potentially alienating listeners, we figured the next best step was doing all of our visual branding over.

Despite both of us being creative, the prospect of picking a single image to represent our podcast was hard. We wanted it to be unspeakably gaming in origin (as Tzufit put it, “It need to look like video games”), but also say something about our feminist and social justice roots. We also wanted it to be recognizable but fairly simple to reproduce. We looked over what other gaming podcasts had done in the meantime; there seemed to be quite a few designs that were supposed to represent either pixels or console buttons, neither of which really says anything about us.

Finally, we decided that in a nod to our roots as MMORPG players, a sword would be a good place to start. Swords are multi-purpose and symbolized a lot of our values as both fighters and protectors. It gave the whole thing a very paladin-esque feel, which is great, because that fits neatly into the “justice” concept. The hard part now was actually designing a sword that was both simple enough to visually stand out as an icon but also look different from other podcasts. We also wanted it to not be wholly gendered as feminine, but to also say something about our personalities. We hashed it out on Skype about what kind of swords we liked the look of and then I set off to actually design the thing.



When I sit down to design or draw something I have very little experience with, I find it’s very helpful to make a reference board that has a lot of pictures of the sorts of things that I want to evoke in my drawing. It also helps me to accurately represent certain pieces of anatomy or detail that I’d otherwise not get right. As you can see from the pictures, we wanted a sword that was both fairly hefty but also had some emblematic design. The swords from top L to bottom R: Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII, sword boyfriend from Transistor, Despair from World of Warcraft, El’druin from Diablo III and Mogu’Dar, Blade of a Thousand Slaves from World of Warcraft. They all had some element or frill that we wanted to translate into our sword in some way.

I should note that I am not a designer professionally and I free-handed most of this design myself, hence the sketchiness. Overall, it came out looking slightly painted, which is a style I tend to like in video games (hence the Transistor nod). When I was finally done with the sword, I thought to myself, “Hey, wouldn’t fire make this look way more bad-ass?” and so I added a flame to the bottom. It gave it that Archangel Gabriel/Red Priest of Myr/Avenging Wrath sort of feel.



All we had to do then was add our “trademark” blue color to the background and we’d finally have a visually consistent, original design for our podcast.

We hope you enjoy the new logo and also my rambling about how it was created. Look for it soon on relevant social media outlets and upcoming merchandise!

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  1. Jasyla

    I love the new logo!

    I’m also trying to redefine my blog as a more general gaming blog (since you know, I don’t really want to play WoW any more). It’s hard! Need a new banner, need to completely overhaul the menus and categories, the About Me page… Ahh! One day I’ll get on it.

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