Episode #58 – “Toddlers and DLC Tiaras”

Episode #58 – “Toddlers and DLC Tiaras”

Aug 19

Our fifty-eighth episode features Tzufit and Apple Cider speaking with Bee and Turbles about their love of Sims, since this week is when Sims 4 releases. We also discuss the newest Warcraft cinematic trailer, The Walking Dead and swimming pools.


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Music used in our episode is courtesy of The Orchestral Movement of 1932, via Opsound.org.

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  1. terrisAlpha

    All these things you are talking about as bugs in pathing or other weird emergent bugs and behaviors are part of the reason I play anything other than the build mode. I love all that crazy stuff: it’s hilarious.

    Once my friends and I had a lot of fun with the exploding gnome chain reaction by creating a Sim that was obsessive about building them. He filled the entire house with them while the wife was away (he had been cheating on her with her roommate’s husband and she started spending most of her time crying over the dead roommate’s grave. Coincidentally that Sim was killed by illness caused by a hamster bite) and when she came back she got pissed and kicked the one blocking the door and it was like the fourth of July. ☺

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