Episode #85 – “Accidental Lamborghini”

Episode #85 – “Accidental Lamborghini”

Feb 24

Our eighty-fifth episode features us talking to Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel (and the Reasonably Sound podcast). We tackle his frustration with Forza 5 and the digital commodity market, as well as Gamergate and feminist sci-fi games.

Content note: There are Mass Effect 2 spoilers in this episode.

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Music used in our episode is courtesy of The Orchestral Movement of 1932, via Opsound.org

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  1. Jed

    Wow, completely misunderstood the way Forza 5 works. There is no way one car could cost $40, more like $4.00. I have over 300 hours in the game and never had any need for extra credits using micro transactions. Managing in game credits and upgrading cars for different championship/leaderboards specs is how the game is played.

    Forza is my all time favorite game series but that’s because I’m that much a car nerd.


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