Episode #86 – “Lesbian or Replicant”

Episode #86 – “Lesbian or Replicant”

Mar 03

Our eighty-sixth episode features us talking to Anthony Burch, writer for Rocket Jump and former writer at Gearbox Software. We talk to him about his career from blogger to game writer as well as his penchant for strange play-throughs and tons of listener questions. We also tackle some news about breast physics and zombie RPGs.

Content note: There are Borderlands 2 spoilers in this episode.

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Music used in our episode is courtesy of The Orchestral Movement of 1932, via Opsound.org

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  1. I found Anthony Burch’s article about his experience as both a critic and a developer to be patronizing and condescending. While I understand the importance of opposing the sort of cruelty that can be found in video game forums, I lament that Mr. Burch framed that commentary in a way that undermines criticism. The kind of critic that moves to the production side and “sees the light” was not a good critic to begin. The fact that Burch needed to experience game development first hand in order to come to the premises observed in the article speaks more to his own character as well as his competency in regards to the craft of critique. While there are plenty of valid complaints about the current state of games journalism, Burch’s experience is not common place.

    Additionally, I will also add that Burch’s suggestion that we ought to consider a developer’s intentions or production limitations is not helpful because such information is irrelevant. I adamantly reject any appeals to authority outside of a player’s experience; one’s subjectivity should not have to account the aforementioned caveats. By the most reductive and basic definition, good criticism only necessitates that you think and feel your way through your own experience of the game.

    Lastly, I want to address the shallow truisms expressed by Anthony Burch in both the article and this podcast. The statements, “Making games is hard” and “Games are made by real people”, are painfully cliche. If Burch insists on spouting platitudes then I’ll offer this: “Games are played by real people too”. I chafe at the constant insistence that we devalue the player’s experience and bow to our gaming gods. “It’s easier to criticize than to make” Perhaps, but the comparison isn’t productive as criticism is an art form in its own right, and arguably difficult to master as well.

    What Anthony Burch proposes is recipe for timid, watered-down criticism.


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