Episode #88 – “The Amazing Flying Duo”

Episode #88 – “The Amazing Flying Duo”

Mar 17

Our eighty-eighth episode features us talking among ourselves about the games we’ve played and some of the news topics of the week. We cover disability in gaming, fan-created porn of video game characters as well as brutality and violence in Battlefield Hardline.

Content warning: We discuss pornography and rape as it relates to the article “The People Who Make Brutal Video Game Porn” and the discussion starts at 26:33 and ends at 56:50.

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Music used in our episode is courtesy of The Orchestral Movement of 1932, via Opsound.org


  1. I question whether or not we really needed a lengthy speech explicitly depicting rape porn with video game characters. I’d like to believe that we ought to be free to interrogate even the most unconformable subjects, but Hernandez’s article has me reconsidering that assumption.

    Additionally, I’ll add that Patricia’s article did not strike me as anything more than an expose of said content. Her commentary had a tone that struck me as detached; perhaps an attempt to appeal to an illusory notion of “objectivity”. The article hardly offered any sort of incisive commentary on the morality of rape pornography.

    Note that I said “incisive” rather than “absolute” or “definitive”. The subject of rape and particularly rape pornography is a delicate and messy subject. Some rape survivors use this type of content to cope, but others are triggered by it. There isn’t an easy & simple answer to the broader question, and the issue is so subjective that there probably isn’t a single right answer that satisfies all conditions.

    So I’ll conclude with this: We ought to explore and interrogate the difficult subjects that are relevant to our society, but I don’t think this particular article was the right way to go about it.

    • justicepoints

      I don’t really agree, personally, because I think it wasn’t a piece designed to be commentary so much as actual journalistic reporting. But I definitely got a sense of where her opinions lay between the lines, even if they weren’t explicitly stated. Note that Patricia mentions in the article that she is also a rape survivor. But the point of the piece wasn’t supposed to be a takedown, but rather present a lot of factual evidence and perhaps leave the interrogation to everyone else (which is why we talked about it heavily on the show this week.)

      – ACM

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