Episode #111 – “The Perks of Being a Space Empress”

Episode #111 – “The Perks of Being a Space Empress”

Sep 23

Our hundred-and-eleventh episode features Tzufit and Apple Cider talking to Sylvia Monreal, creator of Como Se Dice Nerd. We talk to Sylvia about Latinx representation in games and the industry, as well as discuss news pieces about butch women characters, Petz and the extended history of games made for girls in the 90’s.

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Music used in our episode is “Carefree” by Kevin McLeod, courtesy of Incompetech.com.


  1. First time listener to your podcast, and I loved it! Came here cause wanted to hear Sylvia talk and yeah just enjoyed the nice back and forth all of you ladies had and the various topics, haha. Keep up the fantastic work~

  2. Ladies! Great podcast, I’m a recent listener so I’m still catching up. My one peeve (the same peeve I have for most podcasts… you might even call it my *pet* peeve), is that one of you is always super quiet, and one of you is always super loud. I work in a high background noise area, so I either can’t hear one person, or the other is SHOUTING IN MY EAR. Or both.

    I know audio software can be expensive and/or complicated. I personally have no idea how to make a podcast. But I have it on good authority that Levelator is both free and easy to use.

    I want to be able to enjoy your conversations and guests without missing anything or injuring myself.

    Thanks for the great work!

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