State of the Podcast: All Good Things Come to An End

State of the Podcast: All Good Things Come to An End

Oct 01

It is with equal parts excitement and sadness that we announce Justice Points will conclude at the end of this year. We have enjoyed two and a half years of conversation, fun, and critical analysis of a variety of works and we feel so honored to have been able to share our thoughts with all of our listeners. It has been a wild ride and a fun one but the time has come to move onto other things. We will likely both continue to produce content in one form or another, and we will certainly keep you informed of our plans as we approach the end of the show. Our final episode will be our “Game of the Year”-style show, at the end of December.

In the meantime, we absolutely encourage you to contact us and let us know if there are any people we haven’t yet had on the show that you would like to hear as guests, or if there are any guests you would love to see return for one last hurrah. Part of what has made Justice Points so unique in the last two and a half years is the very wide variety of people who have been willing to join us on the show, and we want to make sure to continue that tradition over the next three months.

Of course, we’ll have much more to say on all this in the weeks that follow, but we have to take a moment to thank everyone who has listened to the show and supported us. We couldn’t have done this without you!  If you’re interested in one last party, consider joining us in San Jose for this year’s GX3 convention, where we will be hosting one of our final episodes live.

This experiment started from very humble beginnings and has gone places neither of us imagined. We’re grateful that we get to spend a little more time with all of you before this ends.


  1. This is sad to hear but I understand the need to close on a high note.I am so, so glad for Justice Points. It’s one of my favorite shows and one of the inspirations for starting my own podcast.

    I’m honored to have been a guest, and friend to you both. I am excited for what the future will bring for you and I’m so glad to have had the show as a space for great conversations over the years.

    Thank you both for all you have done for the community.


  2. Jen

    I’ve been listening since the beginning, and your show was the first podcast I really listened to regularly. While I’m sad to hear that you’re moving on, I’ve really enjoyed taking this ride with you and I’m grateful to have been a part of it for so long. Listening to you guys every week has been like sitting down with a couple of friends to chat about games, and even when we differ in opinion, you present your points of view with humor and grace. I wish you all the best in whatever the future holds for you both. <3

  3. I’m super sad, especially because you both are so goddamn amazing and really do have great conversations. If there is anything we can do, please let us know and we hope that we can have you on our show soon!

    Thank you for giving us an example of how to do this podcasting things in a fun way. Massive love to you both.

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