Episode #113 – “Desert of the Feels”

Episode #113 – “Desert of the Feels”

Oct 06

Our hundred-and-thirteenth episode features Tzufit and Apple Cider talking among ourselves. We cover why it’s important to acknowledge games making us feel emotions, the alienation of genre games, and the importance of being real vs. being fiction.

Retraction: Apple Cider said “Davey Whedon” on the episode, the creator of Beginner’s Guide’s name is Davey Wreden.

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Music used in our episode is “Carefree” by Kevin McLeod, courtesy of Incompetech.com.


  1. v

    Hi! I really enjoyed Undertale, so I was disappointed to hear that the game was so hard to get into.
    If you’re looking for a good LP of the game, dodger did an excellent playthrough of the entire game on her twitch channel (dexteritybonus). If you just feel like seeing what’s in the ruins (the tutorial area) team hatoful also did a really good playthrough of the original demo released for the kickstarter: https://youtu.be/bBO4WfJddHM?t=7m11s

    Also, I really enjoyed your comments on The Beginner’s Guide. That game managed to get under my skin in a really irritating way, and I’m still really ambivalent on how I feel about it at the moment.

    • justicepoints

      Thanks for the suggestions! I will have to watch these because yeah, so hard to get into! I also agree about Beginner’s Guide the more and more I’ve read other people’s criticisms of it.

      – ACM

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