Episode #125 – “This is the End”

Episode #125 – “This is the End”

Dec 29

Our very last episode features Tzufit and Apple Cider talking among themselves. We do our very unique Game of the Year awards, talk about what the show meant to us and try not to cry in the process.

What We’re Playing:


The 2015 Justies

    • Favorite Games Editorial Piece of the Year
      • Evan Narcisse – The Natural: The Trouble Portraying Blackness in Video Games
    • Best overall writing this year
      • Gita Jackson
    • Best Woman Character
      • Tzufit: Gortys, Tales from the Borderlands
      • ACM: Chloe, Life is Strange
    • Blandest Protagonist
      • Tzufit:  Batman
      • ACM: Geralt, Witcher 3
    • Best Worst Writing
      • Tzufit: “Tasty plasma”
      • ACM: “Fuck Your Selfie”
    • Studio Special Mention
      • Konami
    • Favorite Interactive Fiction Game
      • We Know the Devil
    • Favorite Video Game Music
      • Tzufit: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Trespasser DLC
      • ACM: Little Party
    • Favorite Mobile Game
      • Tzufit: Lifeline
      • ACM: Animal Crossing – Happy Home DesignerLara Croft Go
    • Favorite Indie Game
      • Tzufit: Cibele
      • ACM: Dr. Langeskov, Cibele
    • Favorite AAA game
      •  Splatoon
    • Game we are most looking forward to in 2016
      • Tzufit: Overwatch
      • ACM: Firewatch, Unravel
    • ACM’s Game of the Year: Journey
    • Tzufit’s Game of the Year: Tales From the Borderlands


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Music used in our episode is “Carefree” by Kevin McLeod, courtesy of Incompetech.com.


  1. Xander C

    Hey there! I followed to this episode from Gita’s Twitter and just wanted to say that I wish I heard of you two earlier. I’ll be sure to go through the archives, but I just wanted to wish you too much success in your next works and projects! 🙂

    (And hopefully also a “post” episode sometime in the future if it’s ever possible!)


  2. Ming

    Xander above said basically everything I wanted to. Just wanted to also add a voice saying that I appreciate all the work y’all did over two and a half years!

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