About Us


Tzufit is a fingerless glove-wearing feminst. She handles the judgmental rants on the show and any necessary poking fun at fantasy tropes. Her favorite types of games are MMOs (though that’s a love/hate), co-op shooters, sweeping sagas, and anything with a great narrative – especially a mystery. She’s never going to stop listening to the Transistor soundtrack on repeat. She’s way more sci-fi than fantasy.

Twitter: @soetzufit

Site: Pop Culture Coven





Apple Cider is your typical angry cat-loving feminist. She handles editing of the show and half of the juvenile puns, most notably in all of the podcast episode titles. Her favorite types of games are weird animal simulators, lonely exploration walk-abouts, and figuring out what puzzle platformers actually are. She didn’t own a console until last year. She’s more fantasy than sci-fi.

Twitter: @applecidermage

Site: Apple Cider Mage