State of the Podcast: All Good Things Come to An End

State of the Podcast: All Good Things Come to An End

Oct 01

It is with equal parts excitement and sadness that we announce Justice Points will conclude at the end of this year. We have enjoyed two and a half years of conversation, fun, and critical analysis of a variety of works and we feel so honored to have been able to share our thoughts with all of our listeners. It has been a wild ride and a fun one but the time has come to move onto other things. We will likely both continue to produce content in one form or another, and we will certainly keep you informed of our plans as we approach the end of the show. Our final episode will be our “Game of the Year”-style show, at the end of December.

In the meantime, we absolutely encourage you to contact us and let us know if there are any people we haven’t yet had on the show that you would like to hear as guests, or if there are any guests you would love to see return for one last hurrah. Part of what has made Justice Points so unique in the last two and a half years is the very wide variety of people who have been willing to join us on the show, and we want to make sure to continue that tradition over the next three months.

Of course, we’ll have much more to say on all this in the weeks that follow, but we have to take a moment to thank everyone who has listened to the show and supported us. We couldn’t have done this without you!  If you’re interested in one last party, consider joining us in San Jose for this year’s GX3 convention, where we will be hosting one of our final episodes live.

This experiment started from very humble beginnings and has gone places neither of us imagined. We’re grateful that we get to spend a little more time with all of you before this ends.

Redefining Justice Points

Redefining Justice Points

Jul 14

When Tzufit and myself decided that we wanted to move the show away from just talking about World of Warcraft, we realized that we’d have to do an overhaul of our branding in order to separate ourselves from looking like we only talked about WoW. This was hard, as our name was pretty firmly entrenched, but was also our calling card. In order to get around changing our name and potentially alienating listeners, we figured the next best step was doing all of our visual branding over.

Despite both of us being creative, the prospect of picking a single image to represent our podcast was hard. We wanted it to be unspeakably gaming in origin (as Tzufit put it, “It need to look like video games”), but also say something about our feminist and social justice roots. We also wanted it to be recognizable but fairly simple to reproduce. We looked over what other gaming podcasts had done in the meantime; there seemed to be quite a few designs that were supposed to represent either pixels or console buttons, neither of which really says anything about us.

Finally, we decided that in a nod to our roots as MMORPG players, a sword would be a good place to start. Swords are multi-purpose and symbolized a lot of our values as both fighters and protectors. It gave the whole thing a very paladin-esque feel, which is great, because that fits neatly into the “justice” concept. The hard part now was actually designing a sword that was both simple enough to visually stand out as an icon but also look different from other podcasts. We also wanted it to not be wholly gendered as feminine, but to also say something about our personalities. We hashed it out on Skype about what kind of swords we liked the look of and then I set off to actually design the thing.



When I sit down to design or draw something I have very little experience with, I find it’s very helpful to make a reference board that has a lot of pictures of the sorts of things that I want to evoke in my drawing. It also helps me to accurately represent certain pieces of anatomy or detail that I’d otherwise not get right. As you can see from the pictures, we wanted a sword that was both fairly hefty but also had some emblematic design. The swords from top L to bottom R: Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII, sword boyfriend from Transistor, Despair from World of Warcraft, El’druin from Diablo III and Mogu’Dar, Blade of a Thousand Slaves from World of Warcraft. They all had some element or frill that we wanted to translate into our sword in some way.

I should note that I am not a designer professionally and I free-handed most of this design myself, hence the sketchiness. Overall, it came out looking slightly painted, which is a style I tend to like in video games (hence the Transistor nod). When I was finally done with the sword, I thought to myself, “Hey, wouldn’t fire make this look way more bad-ass?” and so I added a flame to the bottom. It gave it that Archangel Gabriel/Red Priest of Myr/Avenging Wrath sort of feel.



All we had to do then was add our “trademark” blue color to the background and we’d finally have a visually consistent, original design for our podcast.

We hope you enjoy the new logo and also my rambling about how it was created. Look for it soon on relevant social media outlets and upcoming merchandise!

Important Announcement – “A New Chapter”

Important Announcement – “A New Chapter”

May 28


(Transcript of the audio below.)

We’re coming to you today with a quick update on the podcast. We’ve been thinking for a while about ways that we can discuss more topics and more games on our show. We’ve been really encouraged and happy to see how many women developers, journalists and gamers are a part of the larger video game community and we’ve been looking for ways that we can interact with that conversation. Since both of us are women who enjoy many different games, MMOs and otherwise, we felt that now would be a great time to open our podcast up to a wider feminist conversation within the video game community.

As such, we will maintain our current format of news and an interview. However, our news will cover any and all stories within gaming that pertain to our interests and focus. This means that we may discuss Warcraft one minute and WildStar the next, and we also plan to visit older games like Mass Effect and Gone Home. Our style of critique and analysis is flexible, meaning that we want to and will now be able to interact with a larger video game community that is already having some of these conversations on a regular basis.

So if that sounds like something you would love to listen to, stick with us as we start a new chapter in our podcasting adventure.

Thanks for listening and thanks for being so supportive.


Thank You!

Thank You!

May 07

Just a quick thank you before the next episode for all of our listeners and definitely our Patreon subscribers for making it possible for us to get new microphones. We sound thoroughly great now and so to give back, we decided to record a goofy little teaser for this week’s episode.


Announcement: Paragon Levels!

Announcement: Paragon Levels!

Apr 01


Due to the overwhelming glory that is Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, we here at Justice Points have decided that our listening audience is much better served by us changing our format to talk about issues of social justice and feminism as they affect Sanctuary, rather than Azeroth. Our topics will include wide discussion about all of the promising female characters from the Diablo franchise, upcoming news about the game, and in-depth analysis of the game’s wide and unique lore (or Tyrael’s hot buns!) If you love Diablo and you love feminism, this will now be the podcast for you! Don’t miss the next episode we have slated for next week when we will be talking for an entire 5 minutes about Leah’s character development!

Show Format Changes

Show Format Changes

Mar 17

It’s no secret that content creators can get stuck in a bit of a slump when World of Warcraft enters the homestretch before a new expansion.  In an effort to get ahead of that potential slump before it catches up to us, we have decided to make some changes to the format of our podcast.

One of the most important changes we wanted to make to the show was to carve out a space where we can have timely discussions about current news.  Because our format up to this point has largely been themed shows, we typically had to wait to either fit an older news item into an upcoming theme, or specifically choose a theme in response to a news item.  Having a space to discuss current news will become particularly important after the beta for Warlords of Draenor is released and we have some new content to discuss.

 Now, don’t worry.  Justice Points is not becoming a World of Warcraft news podcast.  There are plenty of news podcasts out there that do a better job than we ever could of disseminating the finer points of Blizzard press releases and patch notes.  Instead, we will cover some of the conversations between the developers and the community, or within the community itself that unfold over Twitter, Tumblr, and other outlets throughout the week.  There are many important conversations about feminist and social justice issues happening in the Warcraft community on a daily basis, and we want to make sure that you hear about them.

As you may have noticed, we both spend a lot of time on Twitter.  Even so, it won’t be possible for us to catch absolutely everything noteworthy that happens during the week.  So if you see a conversation or a news story that you want us to cover on Justice Points, let us know!  We are making this format change in part to ensure that our listeners can participate in ongoing conversations about feminism and social justice as they relate to WoW, and so it is important to us to know which conversations our listeners want to know more about.

This format change will also allow us to have more guests on the show to discuss the issues that are most important to them, rather than necessarily bringing a guest on to discuss a very specific and potentially narrow topic.  We are hopeful that this will give us a chance to introduce our listeners to even more people within the WoW community who are invested in critical analysis and social justice.

Thanks as always to our listeners and our patrons for all of your continued support, and we hope that the discussed format changes will allow you to enjoy Justice Points even more.

– Apple Cider Mage and Tzufit